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ERMS first opened its doors in1975 by Ute deLara, now retired, who came to the United States from Germany in 1968, as a working Civil Engineer. 


"Once my three children were born, I couldn’t find a school in the area that impressed me. I was always inspired by the Montessori method, so I got my Montessori Certification and later opened Eagle Rock Montessori School—my legacy to the Eagle Rock community. 


The school has changed a lot over the last 5 decades, but we have always stayed true to the Montessori philosophy that inspired me to start Eagle Rock Montessori School in the first place.


Most recently, my children and I redesigned and upgraded the classrooms and playgrounds so our entire campus felt reinvigorated after the long break the pandemic closure brought upon us. At the same time, our long term lead teacher, Maureen Stone, took on the role of Director of Education, creating a consistent curriculum to guide our Montessori teachers the ERMS way.

Thousands of children (and their children too) have come through our doors. Simultaneously, we trained many Montessori teachers and given them careers they can be proud of. At my age, I'm happy I still remember many of their names and faces when I run into them at Trader Joe's! 


I am delighted my daughter Marikit (as seen on my lap here) now has the room to take things over. Her leadership, consummate integrity, and professionalism have proven her to be my worthy successor." 


Ute deLara

Founder, Eagle Rock Montessori School



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