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ERMS's Pre-Primary Classroom is inside the Dome

Pre-Primary - Children ages 2 to 3 yrs
Our toddlers begin in the Pre-Primary classroom where basic socialization, structure and the Montessori Method is introduced. Toddlers in a Montessori classroom are assisted as they fulfill the basic human tasks of trust, separation, independence, and self-control. Toddlers are rapidly changing in this developmental age. They learn to make order out of their surroundings, to move with intention and coordination and to communicate with others. Montessori teachers who work with this age group must have incredible energy and deep sensitivity. Teachers observe each toddler and anticipate the next activity that will entice him to develop through his senses. Independence is encouraged in all things. 

After a 10 month school year, beginning in September, the children move into a primary classroom with a mixed age group of children 2 yrs + 9 months to 6 yrs old.

“Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.” Maria Montessori


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