ERMS Enrollment Process

1. Sign up for a Tour (highly suggested, but not required)

2. Sign up for Wait List

3. Submit Interest Form between Dec 10th-Jan 10th

4. If offered a space, we require families to accept or decline within 48 hours


We offer group tours once a month, September thru December on Saturday mornings from 9-11am. 

You can sign up for a school tour here


We encourage all interested families to sign up for our Wait List. We suggest you first sign up for a tour, but it's not required. There is a non-refundable Wait List fee of $100. If you are offered a space and decline it, we will remove you from our Wait List for the year. 

You can sign up for our Wait List here


Attention all Waitlisted families​ for the 2019/2020 school year: Your Waitlist Application will automatically be rolled over to the following school year if you were not offered a spot. 


  • To be considered for the 2020/2021 school year, wait listed families MUST reiterate interest by submitting an Interest Form which will be emailed to you Dec. 9th.  

  • The Interest Form will be sent via email to ONLY families who are on the wait list. (For families on our 2021/2022 wait list, the Interest Form will be sent in the winter of 2019 and so forth.)

  • If ERMS does not receive your Interest Form by the deadline, you will not be considered for our upcoming school year.


Once we have a space, we assign priority in the following order:

  • Siblings of currently enrolled students of the projected school year

  • Date of WAIT LIST application

  • Appropriate age/gender/ethnicity of child to create a balanced and diverse classroom environment

  • Schedule requested

We offer Pre-Primary spaces early February & Primary spaces late March. Once your child is offered a space, you must accept or decline within 48 hours of receipt of our email. If you choose to enroll your child, you will be expected to:


   --- Complete and sign the school contract

   --- Pay a non-refundable registration fee ($300.00 for new students - $100 for returning students)

   --- Pay a one-month tuition deposit


DEPOSIT:  A deposit of one month’s tuition is due at the time of enrollment and will be applied to your child's last month of school at ERMS.


In the event you move or change your contact information, the onus is on you to update your information in our system. We can't be responsible for tracking you down. So please, keep in touch. 





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